Sunday, January 22, 2012

About green soup and pink pie

Time flies when you're busy (or keeping yourself busy for that matter). It has already been almost a month since the christmas holidays! During those lovely days boyfriend S. and I occupied ourselfs, besides the general things one does around X-mas, by finishing the house. And I really really think it is almost done now :) The dining table still needs to be stained, but that will be done when te weather is nice again.

Last Wednesday I celebrated my 28th birthday. And I must say that turning 28 isn't so bad, compared to turning 27. I really needed to get used to that number, but 28 is way easier :) I had the day off, which gave me time to go to the hairdresser and to make cake. Baking is one of my hobbies and for the occasion I experimented with colour...

the cake batter before the oven...

the cake, decorated with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar

Quite happy with the result and the surprise on the faces of my guests was great too!

And I was really into colour last week, so I also made this celery - green paprika soup. *nom-nom* If you are interested in the recipe please let me know!

In the christmas vacation (I had the luxury of two weeks of freedom) I finally bought a new camera, a real camera, a Canon 600D. The weather hasn't really been cooperating, so I've only been out to takes some photos once. Two of my favourites.

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