Monday, April 16, 2012


A few weeks ago my friend Sara learned me the basics of crocheting and ever since I am hooked! Unfortunately my neck kind of disagrees with me crocheting for more than one hour at the time, but that's ok I guess. I am especially fond of making granny squares, just not sure if I can bring it up to crochet over 50 squares for a blanket or so.

^ My first granny squares!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mail & Easter & Flowers

When I came home from work last Friday there were two letters laying on my doormat. It was such a welcome surprise, because I didn't feel well at the time. Reading them and enjoying the beautiful bits and pieces which accompanied the letters made me feel so much better. Thank you ladies!

I've been looking forward to this lettter from Sally for a long time. Can't wait to reply to it!

Another great letter from Martina, Croatia

My Easter tree. I love the old pagan traditions and stories around Easter. Since prehistory eggs are for example the symbol of the invisible life force that brings back new life, it is the symbol of infinity. The help of the egg was invoked in acts for fertility. Then the Easter bunny is in the Netherlands not a bunny but a hare. The hare, because of its reproductive capacity, was the symbol of Aphrodite. And hare meat is said to be an aphrodisiac....

With Easter boyfriend S. and I visited his grandmother. Traditionally the whole family comes together for brunch, egg decorating and egg hunting. New this year was felt :)

Bunny egg

Goose egg

Those tulips have had their best time I suppose. But with a little bit of myself and a little bit of Photoshop they still look pretty to me.

These flower cards add the needed colour to our hallway. I've found them in an antique bookstore years ago. Now they finally have the place they deserve.

This is a detail photo of a tablecloth I bought two weeks ago on the Sunday Market in Amsterdam. It was great to be there again (I've been there in February 2011) and it was way bigger than the first time. I also bought some little pieces of retro fabric and ribbon *happy*

Saartje the Cat was totally fascinated by a plant. No one knows why and the good thing is that she didn't jump :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Here grows something

The fact that I don't have a big fat garden but only a small balcony did not keep me from starting a kitchen garden. I don't know yet where to put the plants when they have outgrown the greenhouse, but I was very happy when I saw that the first leaves have worked their way into the light. Now it is a matter of time before I will have home grown tomatoes, courgettes and red peppers. *yay*