Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to normal

Last week I started working again after four weeks of vacation (and hard working in the new house). It was not easy, certainly not in the morning, but this week is a lot easier. Even though I did miss the bus today... Since my daily occupations are back to normal, the rest of my life is going back to normal as well. Including: time to bake, time to cook, time to sew and of course time to write cards, letters and blogposts :)

This summer I did participate in two swaps: the mix share swap and the photo swap (which will be pointed out later) I've sent two cds to two girls in the USA:

And I got two cds in return. One came all the way from Hawaii and the other one found its way from Australia :)

I also received a mix cd and a great letter (which always makes my day) from the Croatian Martina. It is always a treat to find her mail in my mailbox :)

Love this card lots and lots

The last weekend of my vacation boyfriend S. and I spent in Groningen. There we went to the 'Noorderzon - festival' (Festival of the Northern Sun) Groningen is the biggest city in the North of the Netherlands, which explains the name. The festival is held in a city park and includes all kinds of theater, to be seen in tents, pavilions and on big and little stages. Around all this, there are a lots of things to eat and drink. Mostly biological :) S. and I had ice cream and cheese fondue :) I had a great time there, even though we have not seen any shows at all. The atmosphere was very good.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A new house has been a while. Again. But I did not have internet for a long long time. Cause: a new house! I used to live in Nijmegen, (the address displayed at the left is my parents) together with boyfriend S. and his sister. But we felt it was time for our own place. And that only took a few weeks. On the 27th of July we received the key of our own place in Arnhem. During the last weeks we've been very busy turning the house into a home. The last boxes are almost unpacked and only the stairs needs paint and wallpaper. When it is all ready I will post some pictures.

My mailbox did not stay empty. I received the two mix-cd's via the Mix Share Swap, I received an extra Mix CD from the lovely Croatian Martina, I also found two instead of one photo film on the door mat from Ciara. But because of the move I had barely time to listen to the cds or to have the films developped. All stuff to look out for the next few days :)

And offcourse, if good things happen, bad things happen as well. Last Friday our family dog Tommie died after 12,5 years. He was the best dog ever! It is so weird to enter my parents' house without the enthousiastic wagging of his tail. I miss him...