Saturday, December 29, 2012

Still here

Hello there,

Has it been long or what? On the edge of 2012 a little message from me. With a little reflection on the past few months. I might not have been blogging here, I have been elsewhere. With my friend Sara I started a 'brand' called 'Le Lapin Blanc', named after the white rabbit from 'Alice in Wonderland'. We are making all kinds of stuff, from home decoration to jewelry and from stuffed animals to pretty envelopes and notebooks. You can check us out here if you like. We also present ourselves at several markets through the country. And it is going pretty well.

I'm also thinking about starting a new blog in Dutch to give my photography a platform, but I'm not sure about that yet. We'll what the new year will bring. I do hope that you all had a wonderful christmas and I wish you all the best for 2013. See you soon!

Monday, June 11, 2012

A day out with the girls

Yesterday I had my first niece-day. Together with my mother, two sisters, aunt and niece we visisted my other nice in her rebuilt house in Utrecht. After a little lunch we had a guided tour into the Dom Tower, where we had to walk 465 stairs to reach 97 meters. And that made me claustrofobic and acrophobic and the same time, but it was worth it. 
Stained glass window form the 70ties
One of the bigger bells, dates back to 1505 a.d.
The carillon with 50 bells
The top! At 112 meters
View at Utrecht from the Dom Tower
Antoher stained glass window
  After all the hard work, my niece made reservations at a really nice place for an extensive high tea.

My sister Sanne :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Busy bee

Even though I am not writing as many blog posts and letters as if I would like, that does not mean that I spend my spare time sitting on the couch doing nothing. With my friend Sara I'm crafting my hands off lately.. We are preparing for the Hip & Handgemaakt Markt in Hengelo this september where we will have our very own booth :) Down below some things I've recently made.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Spring flowers

Even though we had the same temperature today as on Boxing day 2011 it is spring out there. 19 Days from now the summer will start. To get in a sunny mood I would love to share some flower pictures with you, which I made lately. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Arnhem feels like home now

It is more than 9 months ago since S. and I moved from Nijmegen to Arnhem. The two cities lie less than 20 km from each other but are completely different. Nijmegen is an university town, with lots of students and bars. Arnhem has an art school, which gives the streetscape a different look and feel. And even though I would consider myself more an art type then an university girl, it took me some time to sattle down here.  But I think it has happened now :) The other day I was wandering through the streets (bumped into a great sewing supplie store) and I found these images. And you what they say: home is where the heart is.

I (heart) U picture

Birds flying on the wall

Heart shaped tree

Yay 40!

Friday, May 11, 2012

I (heart) Instagram

Not long ago I (finally) got myself an iPhone. And I very much fell in love with the Instagram-app. I don't have so much inspiration to write right now (even though I had a great May-break). I think I'll let the images do the talking :) 
Former almshouse in Groningen. I visited this town with my mother during the May-break. I also lived for 2,5 years in this great city in the north of the Netherlands

Love is on the street in Groningen
Beech hedge in Groningen. Part of a hidden garden called 'Prinsentuin',  in the middle of the city centre. Including a  tea garden
I'm really into crocheting lately
My sweet sweet kittycat Saartje

I made this satchel out of an old blouse and a belt

Detail of my kitchen

Geraniums and tomato plants on my desk, which happens to be the sunniest place in the house

A self-crocheted potholder

Kitty feet are sweet


I bouight this great tea set on the fleamarket on Queensday,  on 30 April

Monday, April 16, 2012


A few weeks ago my friend Sara learned me the basics of crocheting and ever since I am hooked! Unfortunately my neck kind of disagrees with me crocheting for more than one hour at the time, but that's ok I guess. I am especially fond of making granny squares, just not sure if I can bring it up to crochet over 50 squares for a blanket or so.

^ My first granny squares!