Monday, September 27, 2010

Let the autumn breeze in

I know, I know..It has been a while..again..
But the good news is another post :)

In here autumn is making it's 2010 appearence. I always love the colourful trees, the fog that floats on the meadows in the morning and this year the season matches my mood pretty good...
The past few weeks weren't really *wow*.
Unfortunately I can't say so much about it now, but I hope I will be able to soon.
But luckely there were some highlights :)

* My dad celebrated his birthday at my place and I cooked dinner. The main was a Russian stew / soup, called borscht. (my dad has this thing for everything Russian) So the dessert also had Russian roots: blini smetana (pancakes with delicious cream). Very cosy evening.

* Had another dinner party with my cooking friends. The theme was 'Halloween', which might seem a bit early, but the pumpkin soup and mushroom sauce were great!

* While looking for Monopoly at my parents' house, I ran into my old stamp set *happy*

* The other day I had half a day off, so I went to the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam. I hadn't been there before, but it was so pretty and relaxing. Walking around in the sun, watching all those special and extraordinairy plants, cacti, herbs and flowers.

* A few weeks ago I wrote something about the orchid my grandma gave me. I went to the flowershop with the flowerpot and this is the result :) Very pleased with it. Feels like grannie is around again.
* My friend Sally wrote something about the book 'Good Mail Day'. I've found it online and it is really great! It inspired me a to carve my own stamp out of an eraser.

I've send a lot of cards lately, and I received some as well. But I forgot to make scans/pictures of them. This is what goes out tomorrow:
To my close Dutch friend Laura
To Emilie in Great Britain

And today I would like to finish with an image I found in the paper the other day:

Sleep well!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mail and photos and photos and mail

Woohoo! Finally I have time to make a decent post. With some outgoing and especially incoming mail. I received two beautiful pieces of mail from two lovely English ladies. But more about that later.

Last weekend I had a holiday picture evening at my parents' house. First we ate a French-Czech dinner, with onion soup, goulash and icecream *nom-nom*. Then my sister showed us her pictures from France and after that S. and I showed ours from the Cezch Republic. As promised, here is a small selection:

I hope you like them :) The photos are taken all over the country. We went from Hrensko in the north, to Prague, to Cesky Krumlov in the south and we spent the last two days around Brno in the east. We also wanted to visit the north eastern past, around Harrachov. But there were floods all over the place so we went home early.
I have received a few nice pieces of mail lately, which I am happy to show you. The first two images are from the letter I got from Sally. And one of the postcards within the envelop was designed by Bianca. It is such a small and nice world :) Sally also included a set of buttons, which made me extra happy!

This letter was send by Shona. She included two pretty photos which you can see in the second photo. I fell in love with the teddy bear.

Via Postcrossing received a few nice postcards:
From Jennifer, Germany

From Blossom, China

The Postcrossing motto is: I send and therefore I receive. So I also did my part to keep the postman busy.
This one is on its way to the Czech Republic.

This one is hopefully doing its best to get to Italy.

And just before I go the bed, a little list with nice things:

- The movie Gigantic
- Go out to sail with S. and his family
- Writing some letters
- Hot shrimp noodle soup
- Looking forward to buying an actual tiny green bird (even though S. is nog really convinced yet)
- Cooking dinner for my fathers birthday on Wednesday
- Planning a city trip too London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Paris...ehm...
- Autumn!