Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Something sad and some nice things

Next Sunday, on the first of August, it will be 1,5 years ago that my grandmother passed away. She was 83 years old and she was my last grandparent to live.
When I turned 19 my grandmother gave me an orchid for my birthday. The past seven years the plant lived on my windowsill, in all the 5 houses I have lived in. But the last year, the plant wasn't itself anymore. It did not get any new flowers, the twigs broke off and the leaves shriveled. Today I finally got my guts together to throw the plant away. But first I made a few pictures:

Although the moment was sad, I actually happen to like the photo's... Especially the last one, it looks like a grasshopper in war-mode to me...

This evening, while waiting on S. to come home, I kept myself busy creating labels for incoming and outgoing mail. And there went out 9 cards today! A selection:

To Brandy in the USA

To Raye in Turkey

To Anna in Lithuania

To Svetlana in Russia

To Maria in Spain

I am not sure about the incoming mail since I do not recieve my mail at this address but at my parents'. So I will update that later. And now it is reeeaaallly time for bed *yawn*.
Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All good things

First of all I am sorry for being such a terrible blogger by not writing for the past 12 days. But I think I have a fair excuse, two actually: As I wrote in my latest post I had a job interview and ... it went well! Tomorrow I am going to sign the contract and from the end of August I will be a marketing - communication executive at a cinema! Woohoo! I am really looking forward to start working there.

My 2nd excuse is that boyfriend S. and I have been redecorating our bedroom/study room. The yellow and orange walls all became white, the high sleeper became a low sleeper and our big desk is replaced by two single desks. So I actually have my own desk, with my own desk lamp. And best part is that put things on the wall, like received cards and inspirating advsertisements. Happy happy happy :) Here is how my desk looks now. (the black screen attached to the desk is a television)
Because of the tasks that had to been done to create our new and wonderful place to sleep and work I barely had time to blog. But the mail did not stop. And I am so happy with that! Last weekend my mailbox surprised me with a pretty envelop and letter from my dear friend Sally. It was her birthday last Friday and due to all business I did not get the chance to congratulate her. But as a consolation I am working on a little birthday surprise package...

The 2nd letter I received from Sally

The 1st letter I received from Sally
I have also received a few nice cards via I can almost celebrate my one year postcrossing-anniversary, on the 4th of August. I wish I could place all the cards I have received so far..but there are so many! So every now and then I will place a few nice ones ok?
This one came from Anna from Russia

This card came from Adam from China

And this lovely card came with the first letter from Sally :)
I also did a little letter-writing-shopping (again..I know). But it was worth it, see for yourself:

Some nice parrot images, to cut loose and glue on letters and envelopes

This is a really really nice booklet filled with cute and funny stickers,
designed by The Small Object

Have a great evening everyone and I promise to write again soon!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hurray for candles!

Yesterday a funny thing happened: all the houses in my street were spreading the same light... That of a candle, or candles. We had a power breakdown because of the bad weather (which was quete scary actually) and half the town went dark. So we ended up in bed, reading with a flashlight clasped between cheek and shoulder. I am still reading Nabokovs Lolita, and it still disturbs me a little.

Today I went to Alkmaar, a town in the north west of the Netherlands. Every Friday there is a cheesemarket here, but unfortunately it wasn't Friday today.

This is an impression of what the cheesemarket looks like

Another part of Alkmaar

For a few years now I am creating stuff with the intention to sell them online. It started with notebooks and lamp caps. Now I am also tiding up chairs, small drawer cupboards and small tables. I am working on my own website, but I'm also considering to start a store on Some things I made:

A chair with nice red floral print

An address book with an old Dutch stamp

A little bag in retro flower print

So... Technically seen it is Friday now, which means I have a job interview today, this morning at eleven o'clock. And I'm nervous already. For now, sleep well!

Monday, July 12, 2010

We've lost...

We lost the match ... too bad .. It could have been such a nice party ..
I was watching with some friends at the house of S. his parents, and we were so excited and getting more nervous by the minute. This all lasted 'till the 116th minute, by then our fairytale was over...

As I wrote before, I went to Amsterdam a few days ago. I have found the mystery music people and they're called Dub FX and Flower Fairy. And they have a few nice clips on which you really should check out :)

I also bought a nice summer skirt with a funny print on it:

An image of one of the Canals of Amsterdam

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Feelin' hot hot hot

Today has been a hot day...the thermometer went over the 30 degrees Celcius :(

Tomorrow will be another tropical day. And....the temperatures will rise even higher, since we are playing the World Cup final against Spain at 20:30. We are so going to win!
I will be watching with my boyfriend S. and a couple of our friends. The beer is already chilled and the Vuvuzela is present as well.

Hup Holland Hup!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Let it begin!

Yesterday I had my weekly day off. A good moment to do some shopping for letter wrtiting :)
So I've found myself a nice blocnote, a fountain pen + ink, some pretty labels, colourful tape and some not-yet-to-be-revealed goodies :) Can't wait to start using it all! If you would like me to send you a letter, mail to: tinygreenbirdsayshi (at) gmail (dot) com.

So far, I have sent 3 letters:

This one went to England

This one went to Australia

This one went to England

After my appointment of today, I had some time to visit Amsterdam. I always like going there, this meltingpot of cultures, languages and different people. At the Dam there was an action of an Australian music group. It was quete impressive what they did there. I'll try to google them and I'll come back at it. On my way back I took pasta-carbonara to-go (I wish we had those pasta-to-gos here as well!) and read in Vladimir Nabokovs 'Lolita'. I'll will give my opinion on that book when I've finished it...but it is a little weird so far. I also feel a bit embarrassed because of its cover, which shows a lady with not so many clothes on...

To be continued...

Saturday, July 3, 2010