Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hurray for candles!

Yesterday a funny thing happened: all the houses in my street were spreading the same light... That of a candle, or candles. We had a power breakdown because of the bad weather (which was quete scary actually) and half the town went dark. So we ended up in bed, reading with a flashlight clasped between cheek and shoulder. I am still reading Nabokovs Lolita, and it still disturbs me a little.

Today I went to Alkmaar, a town in the north west of the Netherlands. Every Friday there is a cheesemarket here, but unfortunately it wasn't Friday today.

This is an impression of what the cheesemarket looks like

Another part of Alkmaar

For a few years now I am creating stuff with the intention to sell them online. It started with notebooks and lamp caps. Now I am also tiding up chairs, small drawer cupboards and small tables. I am working on my own website, but I'm also considering to start a store on Some things I made:

A chair with nice red floral print

An address book with an old Dutch stamp

A little bag in retro flower print

So... Technically seen it is Friday now, which means I have a job interview today, this morning at eleven o'clock. And I'm nervous already. For now, sleep well!


  1. A little late, but I hope you're job interview went well!

  2. Thank you for asking :) I did get the job! Woohoo!