Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All good things

First of all I am sorry for being such a terrible blogger by not writing for the past 12 days. But I think I have a fair excuse, two actually: As I wrote in my latest post I had a job interview and ... it went well! Tomorrow I am going to sign the contract and from the end of August I will be a marketing - communication executive at a cinema! Woohoo! I am really looking forward to start working there.

My 2nd excuse is that boyfriend S. and I have been redecorating our bedroom/study room. The yellow and orange walls all became white, the high sleeper became a low sleeper and our big desk is replaced by two single desks. So I actually have my own desk, with my own desk lamp. And best part is that put things on the wall, like received cards and inspirating advsertisements. Happy happy happy :) Here is how my desk looks now. (the black screen attached to the desk is a television)
Because of the tasks that had to been done to create our new and wonderful place to sleep and work I barely had time to blog. But the mail did not stop. And I am so happy with that! Last weekend my mailbox surprised me with a pretty envelop and letter from my dear friend Sally. It was her birthday last Friday and due to all business I did not get the chance to congratulate her. But as a consolation I am working on a little birthday surprise package...

The 2nd letter I received from Sally

The 1st letter I received from Sally
I have also received a few nice cards via Postcrossing.com. I can almost celebrate my one year postcrossing-anniversary, on the 4th of August. I wish I could place all the cards I have received so far..but there are so many! So every now and then I will place a few nice ones ok?
This one came from Anna from Russia

This card came from Adam from China

And this lovely card came with the first letter from Sally :)
I also did a little letter-writing-shopping (again..I know). But it was worth it, see for yourself:

Some nice parrot images, to cut loose and glue on letters and envelopes

This is a really really nice booklet filled with cute and funny stickers,
designed by The Small Object

Have a great evening everyone and I promise to write again soon!


  1. I'm glad you liked your letters :) And weirdly enough I just ordered that sticker set too! Great minds definitely think alike.

    Oh and CONGRATULATIONS on the job! I knew you'd do it. I hope you get to see free movies! xxx

  2. Thank you so much!

    And it is so funny that you've bought the same book! (maybe I have to consider to redecorate your surprise package...)