Thursday, July 8, 2010

Let it begin!

Yesterday I had my weekly day off. A good moment to do some shopping for letter wrtiting :)
So I've found myself a nice blocnote, a fountain pen + ink, some pretty labels, colourful tape and some not-yet-to-be-revealed goodies :) Can't wait to start using it all! If you would like me to send you a letter, mail to: tinygreenbirdsayshi (at) gmail (dot) com.

So far, I have sent 3 letters:

This one went to England

This one went to Australia

This one went to England

After my appointment of today, I had some time to visit Amsterdam. I always like going there, this meltingpot of cultures, languages and different people. At the Dam there was an action of an Australian music group. It was quete impressive what they did there. I'll try to google them and I'll come back at it. On my way back I took pasta-carbonara to-go (I wish we had those pasta-to-gos here as well!) and read in Vladimir Nabokovs 'Lolita'. I'll will give my opinion on that book when I've finished it...but it is a little weird so far. I also feel a bit embarrassed because of its cover, which shows a lady with not so many clothes on...

To be continued...

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  1. I've read Lolita - it's a bit of a controversial topic but I love Nabokov's writing style. It's exquisite. Hope you're well lovely Femke :) Sally x