Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Something sad and some nice things

Next Sunday, on the first of August, it will be 1,5 years ago that my grandmother passed away. She was 83 years old and she was my last grandparent to live.
When I turned 19 my grandmother gave me an orchid for my birthday. The past seven years the plant lived on my windowsill, in all the 5 houses I have lived in. But the last year, the plant wasn't itself anymore. It did not get any new flowers, the twigs broke off and the leaves shriveled. Today I finally got my guts together to throw the plant away. But first I made a few pictures:

Although the moment was sad, I actually happen to like the photo's... Especially the last one, it looks like a grasshopper in war-mode to me...

This evening, while waiting on S. to come home, I kept myself busy creating labels for incoming and outgoing mail. And there went out 9 cards today! A selection:

To Brandy in the USA

To Raye in Turkey

To Anna in Lithuania

To Svetlana in Russia

To Maria in Spain

I am not sure about the incoming mail since I do not recieve my mail at this address but at my parents'. So I will update that later. And now it is reeeaaallly time for bed *yawn*.
Sweet dreams!

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