Monday, August 29, 2011

Back to normal

Last week I started working again after four weeks of vacation (and hard working in the new house). It was not easy, certainly not in the morning, but this week is a lot easier. Even though I did miss the bus today... Since my daily occupations are back to normal, the rest of my life is going back to normal as well. Including: time to bake, time to cook, time to sew and of course time to write cards, letters and blogposts :)

This summer I did participate in two swaps: the mix share swap and the photo swap (which will be pointed out later) I've sent two cds to two girls in the USA:

And I got two cds in return. One came all the way from Hawaii and the other one found its way from Australia :)

I also received a mix cd and a great letter (which always makes my day) from the Croatian Martina. It is always a treat to find her mail in my mailbox :)

Love this card lots and lots

The last weekend of my vacation boyfriend S. and I spent in Groningen. There we went to the 'Noorderzon - festival' (Festival of the Northern Sun) Groningen is the biggest city in the North of the Netherlands, which explains the name. The festival is held in a city park and includes all kinds of theater, to be seen in tents, pavilions and on big and little stages. Around all this, there are a lots of things to eat and drink. Mostly biological :) S. and I had ice cream and cheese fondue :) I had a great time there, even though we have not seen any shows at all. The atmosphere was very good.

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