Sunday, November 6, 2011

Diana F+ instant back *great success*

Wow! It has been ages again... The thing is; when I come home from work, all I want to do is eat, sit on the couch and stay there. All my non work related activities are at low ebb, like writing letters and postcrossing cards, sewing (I have touched my sewing machine only once since I moved, for sewing the curtains), photography..

Luckily I do have some spare time and spare energy. Last weekend I took a walk along with my Diana F+ camera ánd instant back. And that is such a nice toy :) It is like taking a Polaroid picture, but with the option to put multiple images on one photo. The first eight:

Next week the wide angle and close up lenses will be deliverd as well a flash adaptor so I can use my Speedlite flash on the Diana. Very much looking forward to that.

Yesterday I went to the post office with a mission: retrieving Postcrossing stamps. Unfortunately the post office had other plans; it was closed. So I will try again tomorrow. They are really cool you know. Wish me luck :)

Like I said, I had some spare time and spare energy. I actually had a complete week of freedom. Autumn break, partically filled with fixing stuff in the new house, but one day was mail day :)

I have kinda forgotten to label the cards, so I don't remember which card I've send to which postcrosser... But I promise to pay attention next time :)

My mailbox has also been happy in the past few weeks. But I haven't got time yet to scan them...

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