Monday, May 23, 2011

Must see movies

Because I like to watch movies, a lot, I hereby present you a list of five must-see movies. You probably have seen the lot, but it won't harm you to watch them again (and again and again and again)

I would like to start this list with 'Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain'. I can watch this movie over and over again. And I especially like her house..a lot!

A few months ago I finished the book 'Water for Elephants' which I absolutely adored. Yesterday afternoon I saw the movie in the cinema. It was great! The makers stayed close to original story and the actors did a great job.

Good old 'Dirty Dancing', another movie which I've watched a lot. Such a romantic story and it makes me want to dance the merengue and the mambo and and and...

Juno, already wrote something about this one last week. I also found the soundtrack the other day and it is really funny.

And off course 'Little Miss Sunshine'. Olive is such a sweet girl growing up in a crazy but realistic family (mostly anyway).

There was also a little mail activity last week:

From Kasumi, Russia

From Slavik, Ukraine

And this is a funny thing: a few weeks ago I sent this envelop to Catherine in Russia. According to the sticker it has been in Russia, but it could not be delivered. So I got it back..without the stamps... This week I will try again.

I received these beautiful pictures from a Dutch lady the other day. The photo's are made by Edward Steichen. I hadn't heard from him before, so I googled him. He made some amazing photo's, I especially like 'The Pond Moonlight'. Hard to believe that it is actually a photo.

A home made card for Juli in Finland.

A volcano for a lady in the Czech Repubic

An art deco stained glass flower card for Maja in Slovenia

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