Thursday, May 5, 2011

Q-day and other happy days

Today is the day that boyfriend S. and I are together for 4 years :) We haven't celebrate this yet, but we will upcoming Sunday. We are going to the zoo *dance* Really looking forward to this. Now just hope the weather will cooperate..

Last Saturday it was Queen's Day in the Netherlands and the whole country turned orange. The mother of our current queen Beatrix, Juliana, was born on the 30th of April. Almost every year on this date the Dutch royal family visits one or two cities in the country, where they are welcomed with all sorts of entertainment. In the whole country this day is celebrated with music, 'vrijmarkten' (flea markets) and all kinds of festivities. I was in Hengelo with my parents-in-law, where I found some really nice stuff on the flea market.

A sort of bowlingbag wíth my initial

A pretty silk shawl with floral print, soon to be transformed in to a pillow cover

A nice lady face stamp

I was pleasantly surprised when I found this maplike envelop in my mailbox. There was a really nice letter and some papery goods. It came from a girl called Martina from Croatia and I can't wait to reply!

A few outgoing postcrossing postcards.
To Joseph in Taiwan

To Alexandra in the Republic of Belarus

To the 3,5 years old Nina in Finland

To Christel in the USA

And last but not least: things you can do with Kex from Ikea:

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  1. You got my letter :D Can't wait to hear from you! That lady face stamp looks really cool.