Sunday, May 29, 2011

Retro/vintage/old school: what's in a name?

In this 21st century people tend to revert to things from the past. And I don't mean products like floppy disks, no, I refer to retro design, vintage fashion and old-school techniques. For example: today I made two pillow covers out of thrift shop shawls;

And when I took those pictures (with my dígital camera) my eye fell on other retro/vintage stuff in the house...

This orange orange-shaped watering can was my mother's but she did not like the orange anymore.

Not sure actually in which decade this glass belongs...

Light bulb shaped bottle. In the Netherlands bulbs are about to be scarce.

And to stay in the vintage/retro section, this week I bought a Diana F+ camera. It is a so called lomography camera, which allows the photographer to take pretty unique analog pictures. The device is almost completely made out of plastic and the camera comes with a 'lifestyle' including ten golden rules.

1. Take your camera everywhere you go.
2. Use it any time, day and night.
3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it.
4. Try the shot from the hip.
5. Approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible.
6. Don't think. (William Firebrace)
7. Be fast.
8. You don't have to know beforehand what you captured on film.
9. Afterwards either.
10. Don't worry about any rules.

Today I finished my first film, and I hope to get it develloped and printed this week. While waiting on that, I will work on remembering those rules :)

My ultimate retro/vintage/old school wish.....

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